Computing Quotas

Computational resources at CSCS are accessed by submitting jobs to queues managed by a scheduler that implements CSCS sharing policies. The time an individual job spends in a queue before execution will depend on various parameters including the job size (number of nodes), the specified job length in hours, and the project’s remaining compute quota.

Compute quota accounting is based on node-hours. Running jobs decrease the computing quota available to a project. When the compute quota is zero, no more jobs can be submitted. Utilizing just one core within a node reserves the whole node, so please be careful about how you distribute your workload. A comprehensive guide on how to run jobs can be found here.

The specifications of the available nodes can be found here.

cscs2go compute quotas are distinct from UserLab quotas in that they expire after 12 months, rather than at the end of half of an allocation period (3 months).