Institutional Customers

As a complement to cscs2go – which is targeted to individuals and small research groups – CSCS provides also a wholesale offering for communities with multiple groups at a lower fees. This service fills the gap between the UserLab, which follows a peer-reviewed process, and cscs2go, which caters to single-group needs. It aims to meet the resource requirements of larger communities by providing an intermediate solution.

These resources are still located at CSCS, but are managed and supported by your community or institution. A community representative decides which groups to form, how to distribute resources among them, and provide some degree of support (e.g. 1st level or 2nd level application support).

The compute and storage resources, service catalog, and quota, project and account mechanisms are similar to those of cscs2go. In addition we enable a subscription option with a lower fee (with quarterly quotas that are lost if not fully used).

The subscription fees are:

Resource Fee Unit
NVIDIA GH200 (Grace-Hopper) CHF 2.89 node-hour
AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome) CHF 0.59 node-hour
Online Storage CHF 65.00 TB/year
Data Protection (on tape) CHF 20.00 TB/year

The minimum yearly expense under this wholesale offering (cscs2go and subscription) is of CHF 50'000.-.

Swiss SMEs and European academia are also welcome at higher fees. Please contact us via the Service Desk.

At CSCS we understand many communities need more than just “run jobs and store data” and, for that purpose, we provide a set of additional services and interfaces to help your users (and User Portals) automate their workflows in a modern way. We will be very happy to show you around if you are interested.

Please visit for any further information.