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Swiss Academic Projects

Swiss academic research groups have privileged access to cscs2go Services, benefiting from special conditions. Please find below the details of the services, fees, and conditions that CSCS can offer.

cscs2go Project

The following is included by default in a cscs2go Project for the Swiss Academia:

  • 7 users accounts (max.)
  • Basic user support (via
  • 50 GB of personal data for each user account (under /home)

HPC resources are attached to a cscs2go Project.

cscs2go Resources

Resources can be acquired at any time during the project validity period as described below.


Compute resources at CSCS are accessed by submitting jobs to queues managed by a scheduler.

Compute quota accounting is based on node-hours. Running jobs decrease the computing quota available to a project. Utilizing just one core within a node reserves the whole node. Example; a 10-hours job of 5 nodes will consume 50 node-hours of quota.

Fees depend on the amount of node-hours acquired each time:

Node Type (node-hour price) < 2'000 nh 2'000-10'000 nh > 10'000 nh
NVIDIA Grace-Hopper1) CHF 6.19 CHF 5.16 CHF 4.12
Node Type (node-hour price) < 10'000 nh 10'000-50'000 nh > 50'000 nh
AMD EPYC2) CHF 1.25 CHF 1.00 CHF 0.83

1) Each node consisting of 4x NVIDIA GH200 (Grace-Hopper)

2) Each node consisting of 2x AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome)


Users get a quota in a file system for scientific data and results. This file system is automatically backed-up on a daily basis and data can be transferred to and from any remote site using the Data Mover service.

Fees are defined per Terabyte:

Storage Product Price/TB
Online Storage (yearly fee) CHF 65.00
Long Term Storage (10-year fee) CHF 600.00

After a project expires, users have an additional three months during which data can still be accessed and transferred to a different location.

cscs2go Project Validity

  • The duration of the project can be different than one year, with a montly granularity. Storage fees will be calculated pro-rata.
  • Compute resources can be used at any time within the duration of the project, after which the unused quota is lost.
  • In a renewal of an existing cscs2go Project it is possible to purchase compute node-hours widhout extending the project duration.

Academic Tariffs

A cscs2go Project can be opened (or renewed) when Project Resources are acquired for a minimal value of CHF 3'000.-. Previous purchases are not take into account, each transaction is considered independently.

  • Academic tariffs implies a non-commercial usage of the cscs2go services provided.
  • Academic tariffs are available to researchers employed by a Swiss University only.
  • ETH Zurich groups have an extra 25% discount.
  • Swiss Academic tariffs are not subject to VAT.

SNSF Projects

Projects financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have additional rules for requesting CSCS IT services.

  • cscs2go services used by SNSF-founded projects can be paied at the end of each financial project period (post-payed).
  • No minimum entry value is required.
  • In order to avoid budget problems, a maximum cap value will be agreed upon.

Try it for Free

A trial period of three months can be requested at no cost with the following resources:

To request a trial, a brief description of the project is required. Please submit your request via our Service Desk.

Request a cscs2go Offer

Would you be intereseted in receiving a non-binding offer? Please let us know your needs, and we will try to accomodate them. (Offer link).

Would you have any additional question or corncern, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Desk.

cscs2go for Institutional Customers

Swiss Institutional customers can request an entire set of projects, supervised and managed by the customer itself. More details can be found here.