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We are here to help

The Service Desk is part of the Scientific Engagement & Support department and is the gateway to the services offered by CSCS. The service desk staff are familiar with all the services and their ‘operating conditions’.

Our staff are available from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00, except during the Christmas break (24 – 31 December) and public holidays in Ticino.


Basic Support includes resolving problems with utilising services in the Service List. Additional support such as optimisation of codes, installation of other packages/versions of those already available, usage of third party licensed software, investigation into why a user application is not running properly or application-specific usage consultancy, etc. is not included.



We have put together a selection of the most frequent technical questions from our users over the years; please check here.


Follow this link to find material from the courses that CSCS organises each year.




Please contact us: