Please follow these instructions to create a new cscs2go project:

  • Fill in the form below. All fields except ‘CSCS Username’ and ‘Additional Quota’ are mandatory.
  • Please use this form only to request the creation of a new project. If you want to extend an existing cscs2go project please go here instead.
  • If you already have an account at CSCS, please write down your username even if you don’t remember your password, to avoid duplicates.
  • Make sure you understand our terms before accepting. Please note that cscs2go projects have 1-year duration after the request has been granted, after which time the project will be automatically closed – this includes deletion of all data and remaining compute quota. You will have the possibility to renew the project before it expires.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to submit the request.


During the sign up process you will be notified by email at least three times: once (automatic) immediately after you submit the request, once with the final price and a request for confirmation, and once more after your request has been granted. Please allow a few working days for the process to complete. Should you not have an existing CSCS username, you will also be asked to create one as part of this process.

New Project Form

Please fill in the following information: