Extend your project

You can extend your existing cscs2go project by following these instructions:

  • Fill in the form below. ‘Project name’ and ‘Email’ fields are mandatory.
  • Please use this form only to extend an existing cscs2go project. If you want to request the creation of a new cscs2go project please go here instead.
  • Please note that ‘Change Package Type’ does not extend the closure date of your project, after which time the project will be either further extended or closed. Remaining time on the current package will be deducted from the price.
  • You can only Change Package Type to a smaller type if the number of users in the project and the data that is currently stored are below the new package’s thresholds. The request will otherwise be declined.
  • Please mark Project Renewal if you want to extend your project by one additional year in its current Package Type. This renewal will be effective starting on the current closure date (the extra year begins after the current closure date). If used together with Change Package Type, the new type will be changed immediately and the new year will be charged using the new Project Type’s price.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to submit your request.


During the extension process you will be notified by email at least three times: once (automatic) immediately after you submit the request, once with the final price and a request for confirmation, and once more after your request has been granted. Please allow a few working days for the process to complete.

Project Extension Form

Please fill in the following information: