Project Packages

To access the cscs2go platform it is necessary to open a project, which needs to be renewed yearly. cscs2go offers different kinds of project package differentiated by the storage quota (on /store) and the maximum number of users that can belong to the project (including the requesting user). Both of these are the main drivers for the price, plus a small initial compute quota that can be extended with an add-on:

Max. # users 1 3 5 10
Storage quota 1 TB 5 TB 20 TB 70 TB
Compute quota 100 NH 200 NH 1000 NH 1000 NH
Yearly price CHF 300 CHF 1000 CHF 3500 CHF 10,000

Every project package includes:

  • 10 GB of storage in /home per user
  • Access to /scratch
  • 12 months validity (can be extended)
  • Basic Support

The specifications of the node itself depend on whether you choose the Piz Daint Multicore (XC40) or Hybrid (XC50) partition; full details can be found here. More information concerning on the usage of the quota can be found here.

Add-on: Compute Quota

In addition to the base number of node-hours offered in each package, users can purchase additional node-hours at any time during the project’s lifetime:

Number of purchased Node Hours Price per Node Hour
500 – 4999 CHF 1.00
5000 – 29,999 CHF 0.80
> 30,000 CHF 0.70

Please note:

  • Prices apply to each individual transaction. Previous purchases do not affect the price.
  • Purchasing node-hours does not change the validity of the project. All these node-hours are lost at the project’s expiration date, or after 12 months, whichever occurs sooner (project expiration date can be extended, but purchased node-hours have to be consumed within 12 months of purchase).